Venetian Plaster


Venetian Polished Plaster also known as Polished Plaster is a water resistant natural lime based product, eco-friendly, able to achieve many types of texture, including concrete form looking. Venetian Plaster consisting of lime putty mixed with marble dust and other natural products, applied with a trowel in thin layers, creating a high glossy marble looking finish. Concrete looking walls can also be achieved. Venetian plaster is the most authentic veneer wall finish on the market. Venetian plaster is a wonderful choice for surfaces that will get wet. Lime plasters act extremely well in wet climates, allowing the water absorbed into the lime plaster to quickly evaporate. Venetian plasters fits perfectly into the future of green building, as the products are eco-friendly natural finishes. 

modern beige bathroom interior with double sink and mirrors, carpet on concrete floor, bathtub, shower area, plants. bathing accessories and window in hotel studio. mock up. 3d rendering

TEXTURED is a niche decorative wall designer company of boutique luxury apartments, commercial and homes. It can be used on interior or exterior, including shower areas and building façades. All our work is carried out by our experience trained Venetian Plaster applicators, using the finest material from italy. We apply to the correct athentic italian methods to ensure the very best result. Take a look our Finishes

Advantages of Venetian Plaster

  • Just 3mm thick 
  • Natural products
  • Many different textures
  • Joint-less surfaces
  • Unique handcrated finishes
  •  Indoor and outddoor use
  • Anti-bacterial product
  • Multiple colour choices
  • Walls and ceiling  applications




Marmorino Concrete is an eco-friendly product, used to replicate concrete looking walls and ceilings. Marmorino Concrete has a smooth finish, and it can be used on shower area. It shows modernity and simplicity. The finish can be done in matt or low sheen. 



Marmorino Classico is an environmentally friendly product, made of lime and fine marble powder. Marmorino Classic has a shiny and smooth texture. It has gradual movement, showing all the visible workmanship. Marmorino classic can be used on shower area.



Stucco Veneziano is decorative lime plaster with high polished finish, made of lime and other natural products. Stucco Veneziano is a high gloss finish with marble effect. This is a natural lime-based wall covering is an antibacterial surface, and it has high breathability. 



Travertine  is a lime based product for exterior and interior. Travertine is a similar looking of natural travertine stone. It’s low sheen and it has light open texture. Travertino is a great choice for who is looking for textured walls. Travertine acts as an antibacterial surface, and it has high breathability.



Tonachino is an environmentally friendly product, made of lime putty, marble powder and river sand. Tonachino has a cloudy and dramatic effect, showing minimal workman ship. Tonachino was used on the building facades at Tuscan.  Tonachiono acts as an antibacterial surface, and it has high breathability.