Cemher Microcement is a luxury architectural coating that delivers design and function to any space. CEMHER blends innovation and sustainability to create, creating stunning finishes for interior and exterior areas.

CEMHER has components such as cement, aggregates and resins. It’d extremely durable drying approximately t0 80 mpa. The unique formulation provides a long lasting surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic. 

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CEMHER Microcement has unparalleled waterproof capabilities, being a perfect solution outdoor enviroment, allowing CEMHER Microcement to withstand even the hardest of weather conditions. It’s ideal to transform patios, facades, balconies and enternainment areas. 

CEMHER is commercial and residential friendly, bringing superior durability and style to the space. Its low maintenance and easy to clean with no grout lines 

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Every single step is followed by manufacture instructions to create strong and stunning Microcement surfaces

Light grind the concrete or tiles. Apply first Microcement base coat with fibre glass mesh 

Sand First Microcement base coat. Apply second coat of Microcement base coat with colour 

Sand second Microcement base coat. Apply Microcement top coat with colour

Sand first Microcement top coast. Apply Final Microcement top coast

Sand final Microcement top coat. Apply first coast of pre-sealer

Apply second coast of pre-sealer

Apply first coast of top coat sealer

Apply final coat of top coat sealer

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